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What is the XJTLU Learning Mall?

The XJTLU Learning Mall acts as an innovation and entrepreneurial research and development hub as well as a centre for knowledge exchange and school-enterprise cooperation. It promotes the concept of lifelong learning. It also works jointly with the industry schools of XJTLU Entrepreneur College (Taicang) and the academic schools of XJTLU, collaborating on critical innovation projects and initiatives. The XJTLU Learning Mall was officially launched on 22 May 2020, welcoming its first round of new partners: AliCloud, McGraw-Hill, AMT, Skillshare, Talespin, Seentao, CiWei, Hujiang, and more.

The XJTLU Learning Mall provides online and onsite space, or “storefronts,” for top global partners to share their learning content with its users. It integrates onsite and online programmes developed by the University, industry, and external partners, offering them as learning resources to a wide net of different education consumers. The overarching goal of the XJTLU Learning Mall is to act as an engaging innovation community, allowing its collaborators to freely develop their resources within its creative hub.

The online space of XJTLU Learning Mall is an online community platform gathering educational products and resources created by the University schools and top global partners.

The onsite XJTLU Learning Mall facility is integrated with the University’s facilities, including both SIP and Taicang campuses, and more locations with the development of XJTLU.

"Storefront" space, whether online or onsite, represents a unique opportunity for education-focused businesses to showcase resources through the XJTLU Learning Mall, with its links to internal and external stakeholders, particularly those who offer content and services. By fostering an inviting space and leveraging premier partners’ strengths, the XJTLU Learning Mall will forge a 21st-century alliance of like-minded entrepreneurs to make better contributions to the development of higher education and social progress in China and the world.

How does the XJTLU Learning Mall work?

Learners worldwide who visit the XJTLU Learning Mall online platform will have access to our online non-degree programmes, courses, content, and services. XJTLU schools and departments, the XJTLU Learning Mall team, and local, national, and global partners provide the learning content. Lifelong learners of all ages can engage in the programmes on their own time as well as a variety of different services, connecting with global educators, entrepreneurs, mentors, and professionals from around the globe. It would help if you kept visiting the XJTLU Learning Mall as its online and onsite environment grows, evolving to meet lifelong learner needs and providing the latest learning services internationally.

What does the XJTLU Learning Mall cost?

Lifelong learners can sign up to the XJTLU Learning Mall for free - all you need is an email address. As a free user, you will have access to our freemium content and services as well as those provided by external providers. If you wish to enrol in a paid programme or engage with a fee-based service or membership, you can browse our premium content and service catalogue, explore the different service areas of the platform, as well as visit our premier partner websites, which act as channels to their content. Content is priced on an individual basis, and you can enrol and register for anything that interests you. If you need help navigating the platform and finding a learning experience uniquely tailored to your needs, you can contact our Learning Design Consultants, who will build an individual learning pathway and portfolio for you.

Who should take XJTLU Learning Mall's recommended courses and services?

XJTLU Learning Mall non-degree programmes, courses, content, and services are created for lifelong learners of all ages within our learning environment. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive learning ecosystem in which you can explore your passions and expand your skillsets, engaging with top educators nationally and globally as well as experts in every field. The XJTLU Learning Mall’s programmes cover the full spectrum of subjects for the full range of learners, both young and old. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive and lifelong learning environment from campus to community.

Who are XJTLU Learning Mall partners?

The XJTLU Learning Mall has a growing list of partners who are collaborating to expand our learning ecosystem and provide their services to a broader audience. All XJTLU Learning Mall partners are considered close collaborators and part of a coalition that helps drive the future direction and strategy to provide our learning community with the best possible lifelong learning experience.

I am interested in collaborating with the XJTLU Learning Mall. How do I get in contact?

We are glad that you want to explore a possible partnership with the XJTLU Learning Mall. If you are an organisation, institution, or entity interested in collaborating with us, email us at partners@learningmall.cn. Our Business Engagement Team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Whom should I contact with a press inquiry?

If you are interested in making a press inquiry related to the XJTLU Learning Mall, please contact our Marketing Team at press@learningmall.cn.

Whom should I contact with a general inquiry?

For general issues related to Learning Mall Core, you can first check XJTLU Knowledge Base. If you have other inquiries, comments, or questions, please contact our team at learningmall@xjtlu.edu.cn.

For general issues related to Learning Mall Premium, you can first search through our FAQ page. If you have other inquiries, comments or questions, please contact our team at help@learningmall.cn.

Who is the XJTLU Learning Mall team?

The XJTLU Learning Mall team consists of educators, technologists, and professionals passionate about lifelong learning and the future direction of global education experiences. Our passion is to provide learners with the best possible learning experiences tailored to their specific needs. We live by the mission: Innovate and Inspire for Tomorrow.

Additionally, we are always on the lookout for creative, talented professionals. If you are interested in working with us, take a second to check our Jobs & Careers page to see our current open positions.

Course Content 101

Below are answers to some of the frequently asked questions we receive about how to engage with the various learning services offered by the XJTLU Learning Mall:

What do XJTLU Learning Mall's non-degree programmes and courses include?

XJTLU Learning Mall courses come from a variety of qualified experts and professionals from XJTLU, the XJTLU Learning Mall itself, as well as local, national and global partners. As courses have different origins, there is no fixed list of what each includes. Courses may consist of everything from lectures, videos, presentations, texts, and readings, as well as additional resources and practice activities to enhance the learning experience. It is highly recommended that learners explore each course description as well as partner virtual stores to see what might be of interest. If you are having any trouble, you can work with one of our Learning Design Consultants to create a specific learning pathway and portfolio for you.

How do I take an XJTLU Learning Mall or partner course?

XJTLU Learning Mall and partner courses are available both on-demand/self-paced as well as moderated with specific start dates. You can search for your course of interest and see when it is open for enrolment.

XJTLU Learning Mall bespoke courses are accessible from several devices and platforms, including a desktop, laptop, and mobile phone. Partner courses are available through various devices and can be accessed by channelling through their virtual storefront and signing up for the desired programme.

After you enrol in an XJTLU Learning Mall bespoke course or service, you can learn your new course by logging in and navigating to the My Courses page. Partner courses provided on their platforms may have different participation approaches.

Do I need to start my XJTLU Learning Mall course or service at a specific time? How long do I have to complete each course?

The start dates of courses vary depending on who offers them, whether or not they are self-paced or moderated, and where they may be located (e.g., online, onsite, hybrid, etc.). Many courses have no expiry dates, so you will continue to have access to them even after completing them. For each course, the validity period can be found on its introduction page.

What is XJTLU Learning Mall's qualification? What can I get after learning the courses? Is that accredited?

XJTLU Learning Mall is a part of XJTLU, supplying non-degree learning resources and opportunities. Our mission is to provide skill-based courses that senior experts teach in their areas to enable lifelong learning. Every course we offer has gone through a systematic quality review. Learners can acquire a Certificate of Completion for some of the courses they complete. The certificates are endorsed by both XJTLU Learning Mall and its partners, so they are widely authorised and recognised. Currently, XJTLU Learning Mall is planning to establish its credit system to demonstrate learners’ learning progress and achievement in terms of knowledge, ability and accomplishment.

What if I want to preview a course? Is there any way to do that?

The ability to preview a course depends on the course type and the course provider. Some courses have Free and Taster modules, giving you a feel for the course and how it is set up. Additionally, the Freemium section of the platform provides some self-paced courses which you can directly join and learn.

How can I pay for a course?

The XJTLU Learning Mall supports several payment methods, including Alipay, WeChat Pay, etc. Different courses may support different payment methods, but you can always check them on the course purchase page and select your preferred method to pay for the course.

How can I refund the course?

Because of the characteristics of online courses and the protection of Intellectual Property Rights, the XJTLU Learning Mall would not accept refund requests for courses that you have already viewed, saved, downloaded etc. The requests could be considered only on the premise of the following conditions:

For details, please kindly refer to the User Purchase and After-Sales Agreement of the XJTLU Learning Mall. 

Where can I go if I need help with a course or a general issue?

For general issues related to Learning Mall Core, you can first check XJTLU Knowledge Base. If you have other inquiries, comments, or questions, please contact our team at learningmall@xjtlu.edu.cn.

For general issues related to Learning Mall Premium, you can first search through our FAQ page. If you have other inquiries, comments or questions, please contact our team at help@learningmall.cn.

If you have a question about a specific course while you are enrolled, we suggest you contact the direct provider of that course, whether it be the XJTLU Learning Mall or a partner.

Our Help Centre has extensive information regarding the XJTLU Learning Mall's various features and articles with troubleshooting steps to help you quickly resolve any issues you encounter. Our User Experience Team, as well as other support members, are also happy to help.