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Using XIPU AI to prepare students for assessments

Huimin He, Language Lecturer, English Language Centre, School of Language, XJTLU
Keywords: XIPU AI, assessment preparation, efficiency, AI-assisting teaching

Reduce Cognitive Load in Introductory Programming Modules for Business Students through XIPU AI

Xiangyun LU, Assistant Professor, Department of Accounting, International Business School Suzhou, XJTLU
Keywords: Cognitive Load, XIPU AI, Business Students

AI Use in the Classroom: Creating Reading Texts

James A Dodds, Senior Language Lecturer, School of Languages, XJTLU
Keywords: Chat GPT, Reading Principles, CEFR Levels, Acquisition, Engagement, Autonomy, Automation, Graphs, Flesh Kincaid, Question Generation, Coherence, Quality

AI teacher’s escape room: An interactive activity demonstrating generative AI for practical use as a teaching assistant

Charlotte Briggs, Sam Doran, School of Languages, XJTLU
Keywords: Generative AI, Materials creation, AI teaching assistant, H5P digital escape room

Personal experience of using XIPUAI to enhance teaching and learning

Lulu HUANG, Associate Language Lecturer, English Language Center, School of Languages
Keywords: XIPUAI, material design, self-regulated learning

Assigning ‘Group Leader’ and Giving ‘Member Roles’ to Enhance Students’ Engagement in Group Discussion in EAP Online Learning Environment

Yao WANG, Associate Language Lecturer, English Language Center, School of Languages
Keywords:Group Discussion, Student Reticence, Online Learning

Exploring the Collaborative Potential of Generative AI Chatbots in Language Education: Enhancing Learning Outcomes through Human-AI Interaction

Jiashi WANG (Language Lecturer) and Anying WANG (Senior Language Lecturer), English Language Center
Keywords: Generative AI, Language Education, Chatbot Roles

Assessment-related Tasks in Higher Education – Generative Artificial Intelligence Can Be a Practitioner’s Best Friend

Martina Dorn, Senior Language Lecturer, English Language Centre
Keywords: GenAI, Assessment, Higher Education

Integrating ERNIE Bot in Teaching and Learning Scenarios: Optimizing the Impact of Effective Prompts

Chaonan Xu, Associate Language Lecturer, School of Languages, Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University
Keywords: ERNIE Bot, Large Language Model (LLM), Effective Prompt(s)

Leveraging XIPU AI in an Accounting Analytics Module

Dr. Jie Zhang, the Department of Accounting, International Business School Suzhou
Steven Bateman, School of Languages
Keywords: XIPU AI, AI in Teaching, AI in Learning, AI in Assessement

Exploration and Application of Novel Techniques and Tools for Teaching Content Development --Taking Nibiru Creator Training Camp of XJTLU Learning Mall as an Example

Wei CUI, Chenhui LI, Learning Mall, Centre for Knowledge and Information, XJTLU
Keywords: Interactive Teaching & Learning, Nibiru Creator, Three-dimensional teaching environments

Conducting Effective Literature Search Using AI-assisted Tools

Angela Xia, Airong Wang, English Language Centre, School of Languages
Keywords: AI-assisted tools, Literature search, ConnectedPapers (citation-based), Elicit (text-based)

Learning By Gaming: Enhancing Research-Led Learning and Teaching in International Political Economy by Gamification

Dr. Linjia Zhang, Dr. Yingchan Luo, Department of Economics, International Business School Suzhou, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University
Keywords: International Political Economy; Game-Based Learning; Interactive Pedagogy

Use of XIPU AI and ChatGPT to Generate Personalized Teaching Materials in Academic Settings

Xiaoxue Zhao, Associate Langauge Lecturer, English language Centre
Keywords: XIPU AI, ChatGPT, Personalized teaching, Language teaching

Navigating AI Frontiers in English Language Teaching: A Comparative Exploration of XIPU AI and Bard, with Practical Insights and Recommendations for Educators and Developers

Bin Feng, Associate Language Lecturer, English Language Centre
Keywords: English language teaching, Bard VS XIPU AI, collaborative features, AI-assisted research

The practices of using Xipu AI for vocabulary teaching

Jingfei Zhang, Associate Language Lecturer, English Language Centre
Keywords: Vocabulary Acquisition, EAP Vocabulary Instruction, XIPU AI Integration

Leveraging XIPU AI in Language Teaching for Material Development and Adaptations

Yajun Ding, English Language Center, XJTLU
Key Words: XIPU AI, Language Teaching, Material Development and Adaptations, Effectiveness

Enhancing Students’ Academic English Speaking in the Light of Artificial Intelligence: The Case of EAP Talk

Dr. Bin Zou, Chenghao Wang, Department of Applied Linguistics, XJTLU
Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Academic English Speaking, EAP Talk

From Soldier to General: How Learners Navigate the Opportunities and Challenges Presented by Large Language Models

Assoc. Prof. Tian XIE, Department of Psychology, Philosophy School, Wuhan University
Keywords: Large Language Models (LLMs), Learner Transformation, Critical Thinking

Junmou+Library, a Strong Alliance to Support Learning and Research

Chao TENG, Jiao LU, Siyun WANG, XJTLU Library
Keywords: Junmou (Xipu AI), Library, Research

A Preliminary Study on the Application of Questionnaire Design in the Undergraduate Teaching of the Entrepreneur College by XIPU AI (Junmou)

Dr. Jiyao XUN, XJTLU Entrepreneur College (Taicang)
Keywords: Junmou, Questionnaire Design, Reliability

Co-creating the value: digital platform empowers student learning and fosters partnerships in student development

Jian Chen, Assistant Professor and Head of New Professional Education Division, ILEAD, AoFE
Keywords: Learning Mall, Internship Management, Information-sharing Platform

From Classroom to Cloud: Leveraging Microsoft 365 for Enhanced Collaboration and Communication in Online Courses

Ling (Angela) Xia, Liu (Cara) Cao, School of Languages
Keywords: Microsoft 365, Learning Mall, Online Teaching

Enhancing Academic Assessment: Leveraging Gradescope for Efficient Marking and Personalized Feedback

Jie Zhang, Department of Accounting
Keywords: Gradescope, Efficient marking

Developing and Exploring the Effectiveness of an E-Tandem Programme with VR in Foreign Language Learning at XJTLU

Rui Xu, Xiaoying Yuan, Fan Yang, Guhuai Jiang, School of Languages
Keywords: E-tandem, VR Technology, Chinese Language Learning

Using Quizlet and Wordwall for Lexis Practice in Speaking Lessons Onsite and Online

Liu Cao, School of Languages
Keywords: Lexis Teaching, Quizlet, Wordwall

Computational Thinking and pAIr Programming with XIPU AI

Dr. Erick Purwanto School of Advanced Technology, Dr. Qing Zhang, Academy of Future Education
Keywords: XIPU AI, Computational Thinking, PAIr Programming

Evaluating VR Solutions for immersive learning in a course created in Moodle (Learning Mall)

Dr Jean-Yves Le Corre, Jiaxi Xie, Academy of Future Education
Shaozhe Xu, Department of Computer Sciences, XJTLU
Keywords: VR Solutions, Immersive Learning, Moodle

Spicing Up Professional Development with Gamification and Interactivity: A Case of Maximising Engagement for an Advanced Higher Education Fellowship Programme in China

Olivia Yiqun Sun, Charlie Reis, Yezi Yang, Yexiang Wu Academy of Future Education, XJTLU
Keywords: Game-based learning, Teacher Development Project, H5P

Student-centered Assessment Design and Implementation for an MTH Module

Author: Dr. Ruonan Zhang, School of Mathematics and Physics.
Keywords: Innovative Assessment, MTH module, Operational Research

Can't take my eyes off you- How to better engage with students

Dr. Liang Wen, IBSS, XJTLU
Keywords: Student Participation, Classroom Interaction, Learning Engagement

Creative and Effective Online Teaching Strategies

Yuan Tian, Wei Zhang, School of Languages, XJTLU
Keywords: Online Learning, Online Engagement, Online Teaching Strategies

HyFlex Solutions to Challenges Posed by Blended and Online Computer Programming Courses

Dr. Erick Purwanto, Dr. Thomas Selig, School of Advanced Technology, Dr. Na Li, School of Future Education, XJTLU
Keywords: HyFlex Solutions, CodeRunner, JazzQuiz

Utilizing TPACK Framework to Design Blended Instruction

Dr. Qing Zhang, Academy of Future Education, XJTLU
Keywords: Blended Learning, Blended Course Design, TPACK

Using VR Technology to Enhance Students’ Speaking Practices

Mengqi Hu, Rui Xu, Dr. Airong Wang, English Language Centre, School of Languages (SoL), XJTLU
Keywords: VR technology, Immersive Environment, Speaking Practices

Webpage Instead of Slides: Another Way for Lecture Presentation

Dr. Peng Zhao, Assistant professor in the Department of Health and Environmental Sciences
Keywords: Webpage Teaching, HyFlex Teaching and Learning

Integration of the Connect Platforms through Learning Mall to Motivate Self-directed Learning

Dr. Linhan Zhang, International Business School Suzhou, XJTLU
Keywords: Self-directed Learning, Connect, Smart Book, Efficient and Effective Teaching and Learning

To Make an MTH Module Pragmatic in Blended Education Mode

Dr. Ruonan Zhang, School of Mathematics and Physics, XJTLU
Keywords: OR Showcase, Blended Education, Assessment Design

Palest Ink Is Better Than the Best Memory

Dr. Shuyang Si, International Business School Suzhou, XJTLU
Keywords: Participation Rate, Online Teaching Mode, Handwritten Notes

Deeper Instruction in Student-centered Online Classes through Collaborative Wiki in LM to Enhance Critical Thinking

Chengcheng Li, School of Languages, XJTLU
Keywords: Student-centered Class, Wiki, Critical Thinking

Project-based Learning on Learning Mall on Data Analytics Using Qlik Sense

Dr. Jean-Yves LE CORRE Academy of Future Education, XJTLU
Keywords: Blended Environment, Qlik Sense, Case-based Instruction

Reflection of online teaching through peer observations

Dr. Yaoqi LI, Department of Health and Environmental Sciences, XJTLU
Keywords: Breakout Room, Learning Outcomes, Online Education, Teacher-student Interactions

A Technological Platform PC Anywhere for Online Computer Lab Courses and Remote Office

Yiwei Zeng, Yan Chen and Gen Wang Centre for Knowledge and Information
Keywords: Remote, PC Anywhere, Working Online