About Us

What is the XJTLU Learning Mall?

At the heart of XJTLU Entrepreneur College (Taicang), both physically and strategically, the XJTLU Learning Mall acts as an innovation and entrepreneurial research and development hub as well as project and partner center. It will promote the concept of lifelong learning for the XJTLU and Greater China extended learning community. It will also work jointly with core XJTLU departments and premier external partners, collaborating on critical innovation projects and initiatives.


Why call it a Learning Mall?

The XJTLU Learning Mall will provide online and onsite space, or “storefronts,” for top global partners to share their learning content with its user audience. It will integrate onsite and online programmes developed by the university, industry and external partners, offering them as learning resources to a wide net of different education consumers. The overarching goal of the Learning Mall is to act as an engaging innovation community, allowing its collaborators freedom to develop their resources within its creative hub.

What will the online and onsite XJTLU Learning Mall look like?

The online XJTLU Learning Mall space will be an online community platform, creating a centralized location for content from XJTLU schools as well as premier global partners, which all users can access.

The onsite XJTLU Learning Mall facility, which is currently under construction, will be one kilometer in length, and occupy space in the core circle which unites the entire XJTLU Entrepreneur College (Taicang) campus and schools. In this space, XJTLU Learning Mall partners can host individual community spaces, leveraging their resources and contributing to a symbiotic ecosystem of learning - online and onsite, campus to community.

Partners of XJTLU Learning Mall


Digital Education Platform


College for Employability


Online Learning Platform


Training Institute of Production Sciences


Lifelong Learning Platform


Harvard-based Open Learning Platform

EMCC China

Professional Mentor Skill Trainer

Center for Creative Leadership (CCL)

Global Leadership Training Provider


High School Online Education and Service Support Provider


Industries-Education Integration Enterprise


Cloud Service Provider and Computing Company


Online Learning Platform


AI Academy

Tiger Education

K-12 Education Provider


Global Education Provider and Publisher


Online Learning Platform

MERLOT / SkillsCommons

Open Education Resources Organization


Premier Skills Support Provider

Leadership University

Leadership Training Provider

The Intern Group

Global Internship Provider


Chinese Language Learning Organization

Global Institute of IT Management

IT Certification Provider

Freedom Institute of Higher Education

New Zealand Private Higher Education Institute

China Construction Bank University

Online Learning Platform


Business Simulations Provider

Nova Journal Experts (NJE)

Research Publication Support Provider


Enterprise Training Solutions Provider