Why the Learning Mall Online?

Innovation hubs are not new; they exist in higher education institutions around the globe. The rise of online education has also emerged recently as a powerful phenomenon, impacting even resistant universities as a result of the game-changing COVID-19 pandemic. Although the lingering impact of this transformation is not yet known, its prevalence, as well as universal embracement, cannot be ignored. So, why then would external stakeholders choose XJTLU Learning Mall as their learning pathway? Why and how are we different?

Value-Added Benefits

Syntegrative Educational Philosophy:

Card image cap XJTLU integrates a research-led educational philosophy and ideology, integrating critical thinking, a complexity mindset, curiosity, creative behavior, and lifelong learning. It merges research, academia and business in a unique, collaborative learning environment that encourages internationalization through student-led, technology-integrated teaching.

Premier Educational Brand, International Faculty, and Facilities:

Card im XJTLU represents a leading, first-rate joint higher education institute in China with an accomplished international faculty, unparalleled disciplinary programming and innovative centres of excellence geared toward the cultivation of 4th industrial revolution skillsets. As one of the few joint universities in China, XJTLU represents a crucial gateway for elite international partners, combining Western creativity and programming with Eastern insight, pragmatism, efficiency and expediency.

Comprehensive Symbiotic Ecosystem and Learning Continuum:

eeeXJTLU fosters an ecosystem for geographically distributed themed pedagogical, research, innovation, entrepreneur and social development, integrating a learning synergy between online and onsite for all stakeholders and disseminating advanced educational ideas and practices. This XJTLU learning ecosystem builds a critical bridge in its educational continuum from campus to community, highlighting individual lifelong learning as a universal goal.

Global Intellectual Network and Resources:

r'r XJTLU already engages an international network of learners and premier partners, allowing us to foster deeper connections and collaborations within our XJTLU-LM educational ecosystem. Additional local, national and international partnerships with elite organizations will work to generate critical breakthroughs in education and industry research. XJTLU’s powerful and robust online platform offers the perfect channel for global online providers to connect with the extensive Chinese learning community, offering a comprehensive engagement portal for stakeholders and users beyond the run-of-the-mill website approach of competitors.

Individualized Learner-Constructed Pathways with Expert Mentors:

s The XJTLU-LM will work to employ a dynamic ecosystem learning framework with AI software and staff that can support learners to construct their individualized learning pathways and portfolios. Expert mentors known as Learning Design Consultants will specifically support this premium service to interested learners within the XJTLU-LM Learning Ecosystem, having a comprehensive understanding of all of the resources and services and working with learners to meet their educational needs and learning desires. This personalized approach, adapting to the specific needs of each learner, will provide a unique, flexible learning experience to users of the XJTLU-LM, online and onsite. Additionally, through the careful selection and implementation of individualized learning AI software from a 3rd party developer, a recommendation system can support the XJTLU-LM learning process, offering learners regular insights on new pathways that they can explore.

Systematic Quality Assurance and Management:

j The XJTLU-LM will apply a comprehensive and systematic quality assurance and management process for its intake and promotion of content from internal and external partners as well as other providers and XJTLU-LM bespoke content. This quality assurance process will guarantee a fundamental standard for non-degree content and services through the intake and review process, ensuring not only that resources meet a certain level of quality but also to avoid any potential legal issues around sensitive content. The quality assurance process will also extend to the XJTLU-LM instructional design process of bespoke learning content and products as well as to all online and onsite partner content and services.