Programme Types

The XJTLU Learning Mall Online promotes various programme types from XTJLU schools, external partners, and experts. These breakdown into the following general categories:

Online Programmes:

jhg1These non-degree programs include courses only available to learn online. They are self-paced as well as moderated and can either be free or premium depending on the source provider. Additionally, some of these courses are available directly on the XJTLU Learning Mall Online platform, while many external partner courses are hosted directly on their sites. These courses are normally accessible on-demand.

Hybrid Programmes:

h6These non-degree programs include courses that have elements that are both online as well as onsite. They can involve both self-paced as well as moderated content areas and normally would be premium due to the need for a moderator as well as onsite sessions. These courses are normally follow an enrollment schedule, though online elements may be accessible on-demand.

Onsite Programmes:

bt5These non-degree programs include courses only available onsite. They are moderated and normally would be premium. These courses follow an enrollment schedule.

General Services:

g7 The general services available through the XJTLU Learning Mall Online, which are provided by partners as well as internal staff, can include, but are not limited to, learning consultation, mentoring, internship and employment services, etc. These services are usually available by request from the provider.